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Waterproof Pistachio Collar

Waterproof Pistachio Collar

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Meet our Adjustable Quick Release Collar. Our collars are handmade from Biothane® which makes it waterproof, light-weight, durable and easy to clean! 


All of our Biothane® collars are sealed at the ends to make it truly waterproof! This style collar comes in 1" and 3/4" options both are extremely durable and have been tested to withstand up to 750 lbs of break strength.  


Our quick release buckles come in both Nickel Plated Aluminum and Brass Plated Alloy, both of which are durable and water resistant. The Nickel Plated Aluminum has a 500lb+ break strength while the Brass Plated Alloy had a 300lb+ break strength. 

Sizing Guide

Our adjustable quick release collar sizing differs a bit from our other collars, so be sure to measure your pet's neck width and leave enough room for 2 fingers for comfort. If your pet is between sizes, we recommend sizing up. 

  • Small: 12.75 - 17 inches
  • Medium: 16.5 - 24 inches
  • Large: 24 - 27 inches


  • Biothane® is extremely easy to clean, simply use water and mild detergent and it should wash away any dirt or grime. 
  • Brass hardware is durable and won't rust, but it's natural for brass to tarnish over time. Don't worry though, all you have to do is clean the brass from time to time with either a commercial brass cleaner or some lemon juice and baking soda paste on a soft cloth, then your brass will be good as new!

  • Though Biothane is waterproof, we recommend to dry the collar after every swim and give it a quick rinse if your pet adventured into the ocean. 

  • If your pet uses topical flea medication in the collar area, we recommend removing the collar until the flea medication is fully dried.


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How to store

Refergerate as soon as you recieves your package. Freeze up to 6 months for best quality.

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