Travel Club

After engaging in conversations with numerous pet owners regarding their recent travel experiences with their beloved furry companions, it became evident that they encountered significant difficulties in finding clean, secure, and pet-friendly accommodations and recreational options. While a few applications and resources do exist, such as blogs recommending places to stay and booking services with filtering features, sifting through hundreds of options can be time-consuming and often leads to outdated information. This frequently results in unpleasant surprises, such as policy changes at hotels or unexpected fees without any possibility of refunds. Furthermore, subpar customer service experiences were all too common.

This is precisely why we have launched our program, offering 24/7 customer support to ensure that you are never left stranded in an unfamiliar place with your pet after a long day of travel. Our aim is to prevent disappointment while searching for dog-friendly dining options or seeking the best activities to do with your furry ones. We are dedicated to enabling you to travel with your beloved pet without the stress of planning. Our services go beyond simple booking; they encompass air travel, car rentals, hotel reservations, and even assistance in discovering the finest restaurants, trails, and local activities.

Moreover, we guarantee the lowest prices, provide cashback rewards, offer a one-month satisfaction guarantee, and even send you a personalized welcome box tailored for your pet. Our benefits extend to discounts on pet insurance and a generous 20% discount at our shop, ensuring that all your pup’s basic travel needs are conveniently accessible in one place!


  • 24/7 Concierge Booking Service (Air, Car, Hotel, Rentals, Activities, Restaurants) 
  • Access to Our Curated Pet Friendly Spots
  • 15% Discount On Our Shop
  • Tailored Welcome Box
  • Lowest Pricing Guaranteed
  • Cash Back Rewards With Every Booking
  • 1 Month Money Back Guarantee


We offer services and serve as a resource center for pet travel-related inquiries. However, we do not assume responsibility for your or your pet's health in the event of illness during your trip, whether from dining at restaurants or engaging in recreational activities.