My name is YuHua and I was originally born in Taipei, Taiwan! Ever since I was young, I have always loved two things and they were food and dogs!

So much so, I decided to studied Culinary Arts in college. Upon graduating, like many others, I was stuck inside due to Covid 19. With some extra time and a young puppy, I took an interest in plant based nutrition and adopting a more healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. After a few weeks, I had thought to myself, "if we can be healthier and live longer on a more plant based diet, will it have the same effect on dogs?" 

To my surprise, I came across a dog that had passed at the age of 28 and he was on a plant based diet! 

With this in mind, I started searching for plant based dog food and treat brands for my dog, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find many plant based dog treats options that were unique (flavor and shape wise) or free of preservatives and added flavors.

This motivated me to use my passion for food and dog to create a brand that would be unique, healthy, functional and delicious (even for the pickiest eaters) but also a brand that would allow me to work and give back to the community and to help alleviate environmental issues. 

Our goal at Plant Dog is not to make your dog into 100% vegan, plant based or even vegetarian dogs, but simply to add a bit of health to your dog’s daily routine.



Did you know that every year the pet food industry produces as much as 106 million tons of carbon emissions? That’s area twice of UK needed to produce pet food! 

At Plant Dog, our mission is to alleviate the environmental impact by sourcing local ingredients, packing and shipping with eco friendly products. 

In addition, we believe in the meaning of community and giving back to those in need, which is why for every order purchased, 10% of it will be donated to charity organization of the month. 

All of our products are licensed for business selling. 

With love,

YuHua and Gigi!