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Calming Paw Balm

Calming Paw Balm

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Your dog's paw need a little extra love? Are they dry, cracked, or irritated from the cold or heat?

Our Handmade Calming Paw Balm is an all-natural ointment that heals and moisturizes the pads of paws. Essentially, it's lotion for dogs. Made from natural ingredients, our Paw Balm is 100% lick safe, so you never have to worry about your babe ingesting anything they shouldn't.

It's poured in a push-up tube and designed for easy application; just push and roll! The days of using our fingers to scoop out of a jar are behind us! Say goodbye to greasy hands! Additionally, our Balm is packaged in 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly material, which means you're leaving one less carbon paw-print behind.

Paw Balm is .5oz (15g) 

Ingredients: Organic Beeswax, Organic Olive Oil infused with Calendula, Organic Vitamin E Oil and Organic Lavender Essential Oil


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