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Carob Hazelnut Spread

Carob Hazelnut Spread

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World’s first dog and cat friendly Nutella made with 2 simple ingredients! Hazelnut and Carob! 




Use on lickmats, as food topper or as a frozen treat! 


The consistency of the nut butter is on the thicker side so make sure to supervise your pup and kitten! 


Our Source:

Our carob hazelnut spread was formulated by us as we partnered up with a nut butter manufacturer in New York before it is shipped to us to inspect and labeled by us before it is shipped off to your pup and kitten!

Use as an occasional treat in small quantities and always provide water! 

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Free Shipping on all US orders. We are currently not offering returns for biscuits and bars.

How to store

Refergerate as soon as you recieves your package. Freeze up to 6 months for best quality.

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