Why Should Your Dog Be More Plant Based?

Why Should Your Dog Be More Plant Based?

The idea of being "Vegan" or "Plant Based" may not be new, but did you know that your pup can actually survive being totally plant based? Now, I know many people feed their dog different types of diets such as raw diets, regular kibble, plant based or a combination of all of these and you can still improve your pup's health without changing a thing! Over the years, many studies has shown that by giving your dog a higher intake of plant based products can actually help them live longer and decrease chances of getting diseases. Here are the benefits and ways of incorporating plant based diets into your pup's foods or treats! 

First and foremost, Plant Dog creates and curates "Plant Based" products does not mean that we are trying to convert any meat eating pups to only veggie pups, because just like humans, every dog is different and so are their diet needs. However, as a brand, our mission is to promote a healthier and cleaner lifestyle for our pups, so if your pup can be healthier through our treats or using our product and leaving a cleaner planet then we each have done our job!


3 Benefits of Incorporating Plant Based Foods into Your Pup's Diet

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating plant based foods into your pup's diet. Give it a try and your pup will feel the difference. 

1. You Can Lengthen Your Dog's Lifespan

Although dogs can live on meat, but they can actually thrive without it! In addition to the fact that by consuming a more plant based diets, dogs can live longer because of high intake of anti inflammatory foods, which help fight infections and diseases such as cancer and hypothyroidism. You can also expect a shinier coat, less allergies and reduced arthritis.

2. Help Combat Diseases 

Finding cancer in our pup is every dog parent's worst fear and sadly this is the leading cause of death in dogs. Study has shown that 1 in 3 dogs will develop this disease, which is the same amount as humans!! But guess what? We can change this statistic!

Vets all around the world are now linking high cancer rates with meat-based pet foods due to the built up of bioaccumulate toxins consumed by the previous animal.

This simply suggests that by taking the meat out of dog food or supplement their day with some plant based treats, we can reduce the risk of cancer. 

3. Help Combat Obesity

Do you also overfeed your dog because you just cannot deny their sweet puppy eyes? Well, we all love our pup but unfortunately this often lead to obesity in dogs, which can contribute to other diseases like arthritis, hypertension, kidney disease and cancer. 

But what's making our pups fat? You guessed it! It's meat. High meat diets are generally high-calorie diets which contributes to excess weight gain. 

Important Note:

- If your dog is in need of a special diet, follow your vet's suggestions. 

- If you are changing your dog's diet, do it slowly over the course of one week.

- You can always start by incorporating with plant based treats and snacks such as our Plant Dog Samplers, which includes 4 of our unique flavors.

- If you want to create your own plant based meals for your pup, talk with your vet to create the perfect balance based on your dog's needs. 


Stay healthy and fluffy and see you next time, 

YuHua and Gigi xo



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