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Monthly Restock Box

Monthly Restock Box

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Want to save time and money on restock days?! We've got you! 

Every month, a box full of treat bundle x1 Purple Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Carrot Ginger and Rosemary Mint Kelp Biscuits along with x1 Calming Paw Balm and x1 Box of our Longevity Wellness "Jerky" Bars will show up automatically at your doorstep without you having to do anything after your first initial order!

Value of $90, but you can get it at $70

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping on all US orders. We are currently not offering returns for biscuits and bars.

How to store

Refergerate as soon as you recieves your package. Freeze up to 6 months for best quality.

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